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January 20
Great service
I’ve been using “Suna Romania” for over 8 years now abd if the services will continue to be as they are, I will continue to use it. Thank you!
Tudor Patroi
January 17
Great service and price
Great service and price, highly recommended! Something for the category "set it and forget it". Note that I am not affiliated with them in any way.
Maria Rebac
January 17
very good service for the $
Mihaela Bimbasa
January 17
Alex A
January 12
I've been using SunaRomania for more than 10 years and I've had nothing but great experiences. Great quality, great prices, great features.
Eduard Mihalascu
January 11
I've had instances when I could not…
I've had instances when I could not call. Otherwise happy with it.
January 10
great value
great price, great call quality, the balance-remaining info prior to each call is a helpful touch.
Lucia Brown
January 10
We love SunaRomania!!
We love SunaRomania!!! Bravo!
January 9
Great service and quality for the money
Great service and quality for the money
Marcel Popescu
January 8
Outstanding Service!
I'm with SunaRomania since 2002. Great service, great customer service, great people,easy acces, and last but not least competitive rates! While I was serving with SunaRomania, many companies have tried to convince me to change my provider,but only after a couple months, couple weeks or few days I gave up and kept my access through SunaRomania. I strongly recommend to everyone try use this Provider for International Acces by phone!
January 5
Very good,thanks.
Very good,thanks.
mirela diceanu
January 5
Cheap to pay .Worth money.Clear…
Cheap to pay .Worth money.Clear communication
Dan Ionescu
January 4
I am using SunaRomania from its…
I am using SunaRomania from its services beginning. I found it comfortable with a few exceptions when it ends the conversation on its own decision.
January 2
One of the best available services.
One of the best available services.
Camelia L
January 2
No reservations
No reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.
Viorel Mihaila
December 30
Excellent job.
Karoly Jakab
December 29
Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.
Ileana B.
December 29
Great system, recommend!
Great system, great service. Simple, easy, good price, great customer service. Recommend!
dana dascalu
December 29
I consider the best…
I consider the best option in this field. Thank you.
December 29
Very good
Excelent Service